Tilapia Fish Food


Your Tilapia deserve only the best. 

Boost the growth of your Tilapia fish and fingerlings with our specially developed, organic fish food!

At Kleinskuur Aquaponics, we can help you to get the best quality Tilapia food in the quantities you need.


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Wild Aquafeed is Kleinskuur Aquaponic’s first choice when considering fish food for our Tilapia, as the team from Wild Aquafeed strive to meet the full nutritional and health requirements of our Tilapia, also using sustainable raw materials.

Wild Aquafeed is available at Kleinskuur Aquaponics in all the sizes your fish may need:

Tilapia Prime Starter Powder

Tilapia Grower 0,8 mm

– Tilapia Grower 1,4 mm

– Tilapia Grower 2 mm

Tilapia Grower 3 mm

Tilapia Grower 4 mm

Tilapia Finisher 5 mm


If you do not know what size to get, this is the golden rule:

Pellet size = one quarter of mouth size!

At Kleinskuur, we strive to meet our customers’ requirements and needs. The Wild Aquafeed Tilapia fish food can be packaged from 1 kg – 25 kg, according to your needs.

Kleinskuur Aqponics is situated in Donkerhoek, Rayton, just east of Pretoria. Food can be couriered or picked up on the farm.

Send an e-mail to sales@kleinskuur.co.za for a price list, or to order.