KSBA96 Light Community

Ideal for:

Community, NGO, school, farm or hostel projects for food supply.

Educational benefits of putting up the KSBA96 at your educational institution:

The systems were developed to be used by educational institutions. The size makes it easy to manage but big enough for all the students to have hands-on experience with a variety of fruiting, leafy and root crops, as well as growing Tilapia fish from fingerling to harvest size. Kleinskuur Aquaponics has a complete manual available to enable the practical teaching of aquaponics.

Natural sciences:

Importance of nutrition for animals and plants, all the farming skills involved in working with fish and plants, understanding the dynamics of an ecosystem.


Understand the working of the system, waterflow in the system, and the role of the different components

Management skills:

Planning ahead to plant and harvest and replace harvested fish with fingerlings, taking responsibility for daily and weekly tasks, keeping record of everything, managing input costs, managing and doing sales for income.  

Creative skills:

Developing an identity and logo, as well as marketing material and packaging for produce, create added value through processing, and using produce in unique recipes.

Marketing skills:

Packaging and selling the produce out of the system. 


 Total in systemHarvest per monthHarvest per year
Nile Tilapia1 800 fish120 kg (@400g/fish1 440 kg
Gravel Barrels (Tomato as sample plant)96 barrels384 kg4 608 kg
Deep Water Culture (Lettuce as sample plant)720 holes720 plants8 640 plants

Quick facts:

Size:18 m X 8 m
Total water in system: 30 560 litres
Daily use:50 – 100 litres
Fish feed:  41 kg/month
Power use:   1,6 kW without heat pump4 kW with heat pump

Capital cost:    (VAT Excluded)

Complete system: (No optionals)R267 398.12
Item price:With optionals included in total:
Wicking beds x 2R11, 958R297 356.12
Starter packR12,880R280 278.12
Tunnel   R152 326.39R419 725
*Prices subject to change


· Fish section with filtering, mineralisation, and nitrification system

· Gravel Barrels section for fruiting crops, such as tomato, pepper, cucumber, and brinjal

· Deep Water Culture section for leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, kale, and herbs

· Water pump, air pump, pipes and fittings


· Wicking beds for root crops, e.g. carrot, onion, potato

· Starter pack with seed, grow  medium, seedling trays, IPM package, nutrients, fish, fish feed.

· Tunnel/net house with net/plastic covering

· Training and support package


· Gravel for Gravel Barrels

· Paving or bricks for pathways and cement slab under dam

· Terrain preparation

· Transport of system, travel and accommodation costs for construction team

· Labour on site to assist with construction