KSBA96 Light Community

Ideal for:

Community, NGO, school, farm or hostel projects for food supply.


 Total in systemHarvest per monthHarvest per year
Nile Tilapia1 800 fish120 kg (@400g/fish1 440 kg
Gravel Barrels (Tomato as sample plant)96 barrels384 kg4 608 kg
Deep Water Culture (Lettuce as sample plant)720 holes720 plants8 640 plants

Quick facts:

Size:18 m X 8 m
Total water in system: 30 560 litres
Daily use:50 – 100 litres
Fish feed:  41 kg/month
Power use:   1,6 kW without heat pump4 kW with heat pump

Capital cost:    (VAT Excluded)

Complete system: (No optionals)R208 000
Item price:With optionals included in total:
Wicking beds x 2R7 000R215 000
Starter packR30 000R245 000
Tunnel   R128 000R373 000
*Prices subject to change


· Fish section with filtering, mineralisation, and nitrification system

· Gravel Barrels section for fruiting crops, such as tomato, pepper, cucumber, and brinjal

· Deep Water Culture section for leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, kale, and herbs

· Water pump, air pump, pipes and fittings


· Wicking beds for root crops, e.g. carrot, onion, potato

· Starter pack with seed, grow  medium, seedling trays, IPM package, nutrients, fish, fish feed.

· Tunnel/net house with net/plastic covering

· Training and support package


· Gravel for Gravel Barrels

· Paving or bricks for pathways and cement slab under dam

· Terrain preparation

· Transport of system, travel and accommodation costs for construction team

· Labour on site to assist with construction