The Kleinskuur Story

There are a growing number of economically successful systems in the world, but commercial aquaponics is in its infancy in South Africa. After attending courses by internationally renowned experts in Stellenbosch, and studying the principles of aquaponics extensively, Colin Bremner of Kleinskuur Aquaponics near Pretoria, has designed a uniquely South African model following the motto of “keep it simple”. Kleinskuur Aquaponics is still in development, but already the largest working commercial system in the country.

Statistics of Kleinskuur

One tunnel has:

  • Currently in production: Deep Water Culture section: 22 000 holes for lettuce, herbs etc.
  • Next step: Gravel pots section: 1 100 plants –Tomato, Peppers etc.
  • Currently being stocked: Fish system: 20 000 Tilapia. Dam size: 90 m3
  • Area of one Kleinskuur tunnel: 1 320 m2

Once completed there will be four tunnels.