Family System

Finally! The solution for growing a wide variety of good, healthy food naturally without chemical pesticides in your back yard is here! With a practical and affordable Kleinskuur Home System it is attainable.

We have perfected the mini-version of the Kleinskuur design to fit into an area of 6 m X 4 m. The system will provide more than enough produce for a family of 4 to 6. All the elements of a proven Kleinskuur Commercial system are present, making it easy to run, with proper filtration and solids removal – usually the downfall of home systems.

The Kleinskuur Family System consists of:

  • A fish dam for enough tilapia fish to provide protein for the whole family and nutrients for the plants.  
  • A gravel section with 24 Kleinskuur Auto-syphon Gravel Barrels where you can plant all fruiting crops, e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, brinjals, baby marrows, patty pans, cauliflower, strawberries, and herbs, such as rosemary.
  • A Deep Water Culture section with floating boards with 180 holes for leafy vegetables, e.g. lettuce, spinach, kale, mustard leaf, and many types of herbs, such as parsley, basil, rocket, coriander, and mint.
  • An efficient filter system for the removal and mineralisation of solids and a proper good-bacteria nitrification system to convert the ammonia coming from the fish into the nutrients the plants need.
  • A low energy-use water pump, that can also be run off solar power.
  • An air pump and air lines with air stones.
  • All the pipes and fittings needed to put everything together.
  • Instructions to build and run the system.
  • A starter pack to get going.


  • A net house allowing the correct spectrum of light for plant growth, and support for vine plants.
  • Fish cages to separate the different age groups.
  • A wicking bed for onions, potatoes, beetroot, carrots, ginger or any other root crop.

We can also provide:

  • Training and technical support
  • Seed or seedlings for the system
  • Grow medium
  • Seedling trays
  • Fingerlings
  • Fish food
  • Heaters for the fish dam
  • Additional nutrients
  • Net pots and special Kleinskuur “pacman” foam cubes
  • Packaging material
  • Special pruning and harvesting scissors
  • Measuring tools (pH, EC, temperature and DO)
  • All the spare parts of the system in case of disaster

All prices are VAT Excluded