Water Wise Wicking Beds!

Photo: Wicking beds in a KSBA96 system in Stellenbosch.

Kleinskuur Boerdery Aquaponics’ wicking beds offer the final link in the solution to a complete supply of the full variety of vegetables you want.

The wicking bed system ties in perfectly with Kleinskuur’s Aquaponic system, to supply rootings crops with the fruiting and leafy vegetables you are already growing in your system. The wicking bed system can also be used independently and does not have to form part of an aquaponics’ system.

The principle is that the water is “wicked” from the bottom of a trough into the root area of the plants, thus the water rises up to the root of the plant from the bottom. You save water and effort!

The size of the wicking beds is 3m X 1m, which includes: steel structure, sail lining with grips to fasten the sails around the edges, a water pipe and shade cloth. The gravel, as well as the compost is for your own account.

Have a look at one of our client’s wicking beds in their KSBA72 system below:

You are also welcome to read more about Kleinskuur’s wicking beds on our website link below:

You are more than welcome to contact sales@ksba.co.za for a quotation or for more information on our wicking beds.