KSBA24 Family System

Ideal for:       

Homes, hobbies, businesses to provide food for workers, training and educational purposes.


 Total in systemHarvest per monthHarvest per year
Nile Tilapia600 fish45 kg540 kg
Gravel Barrels (Tomato as sample)24 barrels96 kg1 152 kg
Deep Water Culture (Lettuce as sample)180 holes180 heads2 160 heads

Quick facts:

Size: 6 m X 5 m
Total water in system: 5 600 Litres
Daily water use: 20 litres
Fish feed:  16 kg/month (with big fish)
Power use:4 kW max (with inline heater)

Capital cost: (VAT Excl):

Complete system: No optionalsR66,932.40
Item Prices:With optionals included in total:
Wicking bed  x 1R4,293R71, 225.40
Starter pack R3,375R70, 308
Tunnel & installationR56,279.10R123 211.50
*Prices subject to change


· Fish section with filtering, mineralisation, and nitrification system

· Gravel Barrels section for fruiting crops, such as tomato, pepper, cucumber, and brinjal

· Deep Water Culture section for leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, kale, and herbs

· Water pump, air pump, heating unit, pipes and fittings .


· Wicking beds for root crops, e.g. carrot, onion, potato

· Starter pack with seed, grow  medium, seedling trays, biological pest control, nutrients, fish, fish feed.

· Tunnel/net house with net/plastic covering

· Training and support package


· Gravel for Gravel Barrels

· Paving or bricks for pathways  and cement slab under dam

· Terrain preparation

· Transport of system, travel and accommodation costs for construction team

· Labour on site to assist with construction