KSBA4000 Commercial System

Ideal for:             

On its own as a  commercial venture, or as part of a larger commercial project.

Jobs: 16 people


 Total in systemHarvest per monthHarvest per year
Nile Tilapia98 000 fish4 000 kg48 000 kg
Gravel Barrels (Tomato as sample)4 160 barrels16 640 kg199 680 kg
Deep Water Culture (Lettuce as sample)50 400 holes50 400 plants604 800 plants

Quick facts:

Size: 66 m X 78 m
Total water in system:1 280 000 litres
Daily water use:5 000 litres
Fish feed:2 444 kg/month
Power use:40 kW (with geothermal heating and cooling)

Capital cost: (VAT excl)

Complete system:R8 m (No optionals)
With greenhouse:R9,5 m (Excluding Hatchery)
Cost to run:R3,5 m/ year
Potential income:R8 m /year
*Prices subject to change


· Fish section with filtering, mineralisation, and nitrification system

· Gravel Barrels section for fruiting crops, such as tomato, pepper, cucumber, and brinjal

· Deep Water Culture section for leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, kale, and herbs

· Water and geothermal pumps, air pumps, pipes and fittings


· Wicking beds for root crops, e.g. carrot, onion, potato

· Tunnel/net house with net/plastic covering

· Starter pack with seed, grow  medium, seedling trays, IPM package, nutrients, fish, fish feed.

· Training and support package


· Gravel for Gravel Barrels

· Paving or bricks for pathways  and cement slab under dam

· Terrain preparation

· Transport of system, travel and accommodation costs for construction team

· Labour on site to assist with construction